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bpj, e3, 0, 3b, ef, 3a, x, 4, o, i, i58, sua, nei, ekz, gz, wr, y, z, z1, 7, m, w, do6, z91, q, Matawi Mead Collection – The Thread

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Nokukhanya Mncwabe on Resilience

Nokukhanya Mncwabe was a self-described “roll-up your sleeves” hustler, a multitasking consultant working across the Africa. Mncwabe decided to channel her energy and passion for the continent into reviving an ancient “drink of the gods” for a new generation. Mncwabe  is the co-founder and CEP of Matawi Mead Collection, a pan-African beverage brand that blends…

8 min read