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Thread

In her own words

Dianne Hawker on Healing

Dianne Hawker is a journalist and news editor. She shares her insights on recovering from Covid-19 and the process of healing with The Thread.

Nokukhanya Mncwabe on Resilience

Nokukhanya Mncwabe was a self-described “roll-up your sleeves” hustler, a multitasking consultant working across the Africa. Mncwabe decided to channel her energy and passion for the continent into reviving an ancient “drink of the gods” for a new generation. Mncwabe  is the co-founder and CEP of Matawi Mead Collection, a pan-African beverage brand that blends…

8 min read

Yolanda Sangweni on Change

Journalist, singer, podcaster, media innovator and mother of three beautiful boys, Yolanda Sangweni is no stranger to change and this month she taught us how to identify the opportunity in transition. A senior editor in the glamorous world of glossy magazines and an advocate for global African culture long before it was trendy, Yolanda recently…

4 min read

Thando Hlophe on Authenticity

Thando Hlophe is a groundbreaking digital storyteller who went from telling harrowing and humane stories behind the camera, to sharing her own journey in front of the camera. She’s used her platform raise awareness about issues like queer rights in Africa and access to pads for school girls, while sharing her own life, the highs…

6 min read

Umunyana Rugege on Planning Your Joy

Umunyana Rugege handles some of South Africa’s landmark legal cases. Here she tells The Thread how she plans her joy and for insights from other women in The Thread community.

Gladys Bogoshi on Empowerment

Gladys Bogoshi was one of the few black physiotherapists in South Africa’s public health sector when she was thrust into leadership as CEO of two of the country’s largest public hospitals.

11 min read

Phemelo Motene on Reflection

Phemelo Motene was first introduced to South African audiences via a popular soap opera, but a career spanning nearly two decades in the public showed that Motene was so much more dynamic than the role she played on television. As a radio broadcaster, with a daily midday show on national station SAFM, Motene’s conversations moves…

3 min read

Nomzamo Mji on Balance

Nomzamo Mji was one of the few black women advocates in South Africa, but found a new path, and balance through yoga. Here she talks to us about co-founding The Toolbox, more than a yoga studio.

10 min read

Yewande Omotoso on Intention

Yewande Omotoso knows a lot about moving through the world with intention. Here, Omotoso talks to The Thread on the role of intention in her writing and her life.

2 min read