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December 24, 2019
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Issue #7: Grace over Judgement

The end of 2019, and the decade, is upon us and to mark this milestone many of us are celebrating with friends and family. While the festive season is a joyous time, it can also be a difficult time. After a long year of the grind, the rat-race or whatever you choose to call the relentless pace of your work, this time of the year allows us to stop, slow down and take it easy. But with the time away from work deadlines and school runs, our personal lives comes into sharp focus, compelling us to deal with personal realities that weigh heavily on the most intimate aspects of our lives. 

Sitting at the table with relatives we see only once a year, we may come face to face with our childhood hurts and enduring insecurities. Even after all your personal achievements and consistently setting the bar higher for yourself,  over the holidays a short sniping criticism from an aunt can totally undo you. A slight disagreement is blown up, and a festering emotional wound bubbles to the surface over something small. 

While festive season judgments make us overcompensate—from buying too many gifts to outright avoiding family—this time should also inspire us to give a different gift: grace. The holiday season should be a time for grace, compassion and tenderness towards yourself and your loved ones. Let this festive season be a celebration for surviving and thriving throughout the year and the decade!

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