A Digital Community For Women

The Thread is a digital community of women, designed to connect with you and inspire you! We have formally labelled The Thread a newsletter – but it is really so much more. It is a labour of love – and it’s trying to start a dialogue within you, and between you and the women that form part of your tribe. We hope that you will enjoy reading The Thread as much as we have enjoyed compiling The Thread (in between juggling work deadlines, playing with our kids, supporting loved ones and trying to get to the gym—not unlike your life right now).

Each issue is centred on a theme, and our content is based on the lessons and encouragement we can draw from that theme, and extended to the various aspects of our lives, including love, health, finance and work.

The Thread draws from our experiences and the experiences of the women we know. We hope The Thread can weave its way into your conversations and your experiences. So please share The Thread with other phenomenal women, and please share your thoughts with us.

This is where you’ll find past issues and detailed interviews with women who inspire us. The newsletter offers more tools, resources and a bit of fun, so sign up to get exclusive content to you inbox. You can also join the discussion on our Facebook Group or get inspiration on our Instagram page.

Welcome to our community.

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